Justin Bieber Personal Finance Report

Justin Bieber Personal Finance

Throughout his career, Justin Bieber has accumulated an enviable fortune, thanks to his dedication and success but what has caught the attention of the media are spending the singer. Justin takes a lifestyle where high spending part of their daily lives and that worries some experts, who claim that the Canadian is “throwing money away”. It was estimated by Forbes that Justin Bieber may have won $58 million by June 2013. Now, persistent reports claim that consumer habits “clueless” singer are out of control. It is alleged that he is spending nearly $2 million per month and could severely deplete their coffers by the time he reach middle age.

Fans of the superstar 19 years and even non fans who respect his work ethic and wealth collected by himself probably be shocked by the reports of its ability to generate cash under the guidance of his manager, Scooter Braun.

Bieber has reportedly accumulated $130 million since its inception in 2009 – with record sales of more than $15 million, properties including home $6.5 million in Calabasas , CA, a fleet of high performance cars and the fourth highest grossing a world tour in 2013, which earned $169 million from more than 157 dates, according to Pollstar .

Add to Canadian technology investment – the app selfies Shots of Me, the messaging platform Tinychat, games Sojo StudiosViddy, an application for video sharing, Spotify, the app Stamped and those streams of revenue increase.

In 2011, the biopic “Never Say Never , which grossed something close to $100 million worldwide, a large number of social media (in 2010, a Twitter employee said that 3% of its infrastructure applicable to traffic was related to Bieber) – 50.8 million followers on Twitter , more than 65 million likes on Facebook , more than 14 million followers on Instagram – Bieber made ​​to be attractive products – sporting giants like Adidas NEO and pre debit card Prepaid “SpendSmart ” for teenagers.

But a lot can happen in a year, and certainly a lot has happened with Bieber last year since.

The long list of incidents within and outside of their tour Believe, added to a shockingly poor grossing just over $6 million for the movie released in 2013, “Justin Bieber’s Believe” – according to Box Office Mojo , was the announcement a catastrophic start to 2014 for the star.

Bieber was accused of throwing eggs at the home of his neighbor on January 9, sparking a police raid of Los Angeles , five days later.

A shocking fortnight later, with him being arrested and charged with DUI and two more complaints in Miami Beach , before surrendering to police in Toronto, six days after being accused of an alleged assault on a limo driver.

The LA attorney, Jim Fedalen : “This young man is also accumulating some phenomenal legal bills, pending cases in Miami and Toronto and other possible actions here in LA.” .

Last month, Richard Johnson , the New York Post reported that a source said: “He [Justin] is spending $1 million per month, The guys who handle their investments at Mellon Bank complain that there is nothing more for them. to invest. “

New reports claim that Bieber is spending about $2 million per month. Given that your monthly income is estimated at $2.9 million by the magazine Forbes , it does not leave much for emergency payments that it may well be subjected, once they start to appear after their demands legal action.

The Daily Star quotes a supposed opinion of the writer: “He is ignorant about how much money he throws away” .

As for where the millions of Justin are going, sources and observers point to the ever-present entourage of Bieber – which sometimes includes his father Jeremy, 38 – and with whom it recently and very generously spent $241.78 on snacks a theater in Atlanta, Georgia .

Other expenses include private travel to Miami, Panama, New Jersey , always with a great crew, some of whom live with it and enjoy the amenities of their homes and parties he occasionally does. Reports that Justin rained an amount of up to $75,000 in a strip club in Miami last month before hiring them exotic cars he and Sharieff were subsequently arrested on suspicion of DUI, is also likely to give their counters one cause for concern.

The Mail Online and others claim that Bieber spends $8,000 per week in marijuana, which may or may not be true. The British newspaper also said that the singer has a habit of using sizzurp – a cocktail cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine often combined with soda and candy times – which is clearly not true since the opiates codeine were not present in their DUI toxicology report.

The present state of personal finances Bieber will probably be revealed when applicants request a statement of current assets.

There may be some truth in the reports, in which case we are reminded of the saying: When people have a lot of money, they are able to spend a lot of money. The problem is not only extravagant purchase but a luxury lifestyle that they spend more than they earn. Even the rich are subject to the fundamental law of prosperity: real wealth is not making money, you keep the money.

And Bieber, we sincerely hope that you keep what you’ve worked hard to achieve.

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