‘Blessing In Disguise’ Music Recorded By Pattie Mallette, Written By Justin Bieber

justin bieber pattie mallette music record

Justin Bieber updated instagram with a video in which his mother, Pattie Mallette was recording a song in the studio. In legend, the singer stated that Pattie “got the courage to enter the booth for the first time” but did not specify that the song was written by himself. The music was not anything special just by having been written by Justin, but it represents something positive, since according to sources close to the singer,  “he will not let any negativity to change that”.

Apparently, Justin Bieber forgot his side “rapper” to a collaboration with her ​​own mother – and even wrote the lyrics to her first song. The star sent a short video of Pattie after finally convince her to do some vocals in the studio. Justin filmed and wrote the caption: .. “My mother earned enough to enter the booth for the first time She sounds so good courage” 

Pattie said how “amazing” it was to record his first song – adding that his son had written the letter for her . She wrote:  “Amazing night recording my first song, Thank you for writing it, love.”, and later she added:  “That was the best night of my life @justinbieber he were so sweet to me and I had so much fun! “

justin bieber pattie mallette music record instagram
“My mother earned enough to enter the cab first courage. She sounds so good :)”

The 19 year old left the nickname “Bizzle” side, and is focusing on his music again – it stuck a whole night inside his luxury mansion because of the snow, leading to some productive hours in the studio. A source said: .. “That was a blessing in disguise The amount of snow has limited what he can do . Their team is taking the hard times, they sat down with him last week and the vibrations were quite positive Justin is really focused now and will not leave any negative change that. “

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