‘Justin Bieber Wins In One Night What I Received In My Life’: Singer Marco Antonio

justin bieber marco antonio muniz

Marco Antonio Muniz , Mexican singer who enjoyed success in the 60s, said during an interview for the site El Universal on the resounding success of Justin Bieber, in relation to other singers of his time and himself. Muniz compared the difference reporting that the Canadian singer earns in a day what he managed to win only in year career. Check out the excerpt from the interview that Bieber is quoted:

“This Canadian boy age 16 wins in one night what I received in my entire life. Yes, life is really unfair. I won 10,000 pesos, not dollars per show, but I started with 15 pesos per day, at age 13, after six people were 90 pesos [my show], so I kept earning 15 pesos. What happens with these new guys? Then they go crazy because they do not know what to do with all that they have. Well, that’s life in any way, I’m not complaining as it left me sad. “

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