Carlena Britch Account What Was His Favourite Part Of The Believe Tour

justin bieber carlena britch

Carlena britch, one of the dancers Justin Bieber recently told the site Friday Night Hip Hop what was your favorite part of Believe Tour‘,   the singer’s world tour between 2012/2013 and more.

AG: What was your favorite part of touring?

Carlena: Travel the world! I mean, we did 156 shows. Then you think “How did I do the same choreography in all these shows?” But every moment is different. It is different in Italy perform in Dubai or Japan, even in New York. The experience is different, the fans are different languages.

One of the biggest audience was in Johannesburg, South Africa in one of the biggest football stadiums in the world. It was about 100 thousand people, I remember I was almost crying with emotion. A very cool place to dance.

AG: What’s the bad part about being on tour?

Carlena: Travel a lot and stay away from home. It’s like you live in a suitcase, but in another time zone and where nobody speaks your language. The experience was very real. It helped me grow and discover who I am.

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