Story That Justin Bieber Punched Blake Griffin Is False

justin bieber punched blake

Days after a rumor about Justin Bieber have been punched in the face, the basketball player Blake Griffin , after a disagreement at Starbucks, besides being false, it was a joke of a site satires, yes, those who create news sites false in journalistic tone, but many unsuspecting believed the rumor and the same has become viral.

On Monday, a series of sports blogs reported that Griffin “punched face” Bieber after the star refused to put a shirt inside a coffee shop in West Hollywood.

An employee of Starbucks would have said: “He went shirtless and with the low pants with underwear showing and ordered a coffee caramel apple. I told him to put his shirt if he wanted to be served. “

The supposed official said Griffin was sitting at a nearby table, and stepped in and “punched in the face” for Bieber.

“I saw Justin and stumble out looking like he was crying,” added the alleged barista.

But the story is 100 percent false.

Gossip Cop spoke with a source close to Bieber, who told us exclusively that the rumor is ” manufactured “ , saying: “. Justin did not return to Los Angeles [in recent weeks]”

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