Avalanna Remind As Mrs Bieber of Justin Bieber, Who Turned 2 Years

justin bieber avalanna

Avalanna Routh not only charmed many fans of Justin Bieber with his story, but also captured the heart of the star, which then support the small fan who suffered from an aggressive form of cancer, it clung to like a sister and supported to Mrs. Bieber in his last months of life, which was discontinued on September 26, 2012.

Parents of Avalanna published the following picture on Twitter with the campaign launched to help treat the girl of 6 years, but continues in his memory by helping other children with the same diagnosis. The first meeting between Bieber and Avalanna was on February 13, 2012, in New York, there are exactly 2 years and the photo was published with a caption recalling the moment so special.Check out:

justin bieber avalanna 1
Two years ago, met her husband Avalanna @justinbieber & a beautiful love story began.”

A photo of Avalanna the ready for the meeting, with the initials words of Justin and their painted hands was also reported by parents of small. Later the singer retweeted the picture and said comments from parents Avalanna. “@Avalanna always #mrsbieber . Miss u”

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