Young Latino Families, Deportation Targets In The U.S., Seek Help From Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Deportation

The controversy with the list of more than 200 000 signatures asking that Justin Bieber is deported from the U.S., took a new proportion and has motivated a group that constantly feels the weight of the deportation laws of the United States, Latinos. A group of young people from a predominantly Latino neighborhood in Chicago, drew the attention of local media, after making a demonstration in a church, singing one of the songs of the star and asking for the help of the same, with its power to influence, to make U.S. authorities to stop the deportation of Latino families.

Some teenagers in Chicago who are close to the issues of immigration asked the support of Justin Bieber for his campaign, at a church in Latino Pilsen neighborhood.

Mike Krauser ‘s WBBM reported that five young Latinos United Methodist Church in Lincoln, at block 2200, in South Damen sang a song of Justin Bieber and asked that he personally would support their cause.

Daysha Delvalle, 12, was among the girls who were with Bieber. “We are here to support Justin Bieber and ask him to support us” , said Delvalle.

The activist Emma Lozano joined the children to ask Justin Bieber put all the attention it receives to good use and supported the cause.

“These are the things that are happening. Know that Justin Bieber is now someone who understands this, I would say the skin, which is to be the subject of requests for a nation for his deportation” .

They are asking the President to halt all deportations.

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