‘She Has An Eye On Everything,’ Pattie Mallette Support Justin Bieber

justin bieber pattie mallette

E! Online  was talking to a source close to the mother of Justin BieberPattie Mallette and according to reports, Pattie remains very close to his son, despite the 19 year old has gained more independence after they became of age.

“Like any mother of an adult son, Pattie tries to stick around and talk to him about everything, but she can not make decisions for him,” said a source close to Pattie to E!

“Like any caring mother, Pattie is really worried about Justin, she has said in several interviews that she always keeps contact with Justin” , adds the source.“She talks to him almost every day, what is expected of a mother a 19 year old kid does, she is looking at everything. “

The source claims that Bieber is not the only one who is under pressure now.

“It’s so hard to see people accusing, when in fact they know nothing” , confirms a source. “Whether she’s with Justin, she is accused of being sweet and let him do whatever he wants, if they know she is not with him, will accuse her for not taking care of his own son at that time. “

The source continues adding “Pattie never done anything that would hurt Justin.”

“She has a great relationship with him, and he knows where she is in the decisions that he’s taking his life. He knows what may or may not proud of it, or something that can lead to a discussion. “

“People close to him, knows that it is always a challenge to create a child in the way he has created, let them grow as everyone needs to become adults and live stages strange, often the wrong way,” the informant told us. “It would be hard to imagine a parent who does not feel love, concern and responsibility for the child as Pattie says it has. Pattie and Jeremy were not married before God and they both know the responsibility of maintaining the welfare of her child “ , complete source close to Pattie Mallette.

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