‘It Forces Me To Be Inappropriate,’ Kathy Griffin On Thanking Justin Bieber For Grammy

justin bieber kathy griffin

Comedian Kathy Griffin thanked Justin Bieber after she won the award Best Comedy Album at the2014 Grammy Awards . Kathy explained why she thanked Bieber on the occasion and said that the singer and her drama always be the focus of attention, are one reason for the success of his comedy career.

Check out what Kathy said during an interview on the red carpet of AARP’s 13th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards :

“I thanked Justin Bieber for my Grammy for Best Comedian, because it gave me so much material [job], I wanted to share with Justin Bieber. And none of the many winners had to say that. But p * rra, I said. And are people like Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, Chris Christie and others who are under the eyes of the public who make us laugh and give me stuff, and they force me to go up to the microphone and make a series of presentations weekend after weekend inappropriately “.

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