Video: Band ‘Korn’ Uses Justin Bieber In Protesting Against The Harassment Of The Media

Justin Bieber Korn Video Spike In My Viens

Band Korn released the video “Spike in My Veins” which brings a look behind the media obsession with the lives of celebrities. Along with scenes of police reports and leaks about the National Security Administration of USA, are scenes of Justin Bieber being arrested, Miley Cyrus showing her tongue on the stage of MTV Video Music Awards and other celebrities that are the focus Recent controversies.

Frontman Jonathan Davis summed up the message of the clip saying: “We are all so used to watching crazy videos on the internet and on TV that we are manipulated to ignore that our privacy has virtually disappeared.”

Check out the video and the various moments that Bieber appears (00:05, 00:23, 00:14):

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