Police Said They Discovered Video Evidence Involving The Case Of Eggs For Justin Bieber

justin bieber throw eggs

The weather is improving for Justin Bieber and his fans in recent days, after the singer turned to focus on his music and has had many moments in the studio, during his stay in Atlanta, Georgia, since last week, but while the singer have a time of quiet in their ‘second home‘, the investigation of a case involving the star and the law are advancing and this week, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and sources close to the case revealed that it is close to having an outcome, because researchers have found the images of the equipment of surveillance cameras seized at the home of singer evidence enough.

Justin was the condo area before and after he allegedly attacked the house of his neighbor and could have easily thrown the eggs, a source who had access to the actual video surveillance cameras Bieber told the NY Daily News.

“The video gave detectives evidence they were looking for” , said the source.“There was nothing to suggest that the video did not occur or was someone else.”

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case now and will file it as a felony, a misdemeanor or reject it completely.

A spokeswoman declined to comment on Monday on a timetable for a decision.

“I believe the video reinforces our case It allows us to move forward with what we believed all along -. Deliberate act against a neighbor” , Lt. David Thompson of theLos Angeles County Sheriff’s Department  told The News .

“We believe that this research meets the standard of a crime based on witness statements and video surveillance” , he said. “Children play eggs in places, but it’s usually something random. This was a neighbor with whom he had a dispute.’s very clear to me. “

Bieber, 19, is suspected of shooting more than a dozen raw eggs at the home of his neighbor on January 9, causing about $ 20,000 in damage to plaster expensive mansion and outside of imported timber.

Thompson said earlier that Bieber probably had to leave his property to get close enough to the alleged attack eggs. This means that the detectives did not expect his security system showed a recording of the actual incident, according to him.

In fact, the surveillance system Bieber did not show throwing eggs, unidentified sources have confirmed to TMZ.com.

“In a perfect world, if you are looking for a perfect case, it would show the attack eggs. But what I hoped all the time that is saved would not be the time of release of eggs. This type of surveillance cameras would not identified so far to the neighbor’s house, “ Thompson told The News two weeks ago.

Prosecutors asked the police to investigate the case anymore, after a meeting at the beginning of the content of the images of surveillance cameras, Thompson said.

“They wanted us interrogates more people. We were asked to investigate others who were in the house. But they are people (Bieber). They do not want to talk” , he said.

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