‘The Media Is Very Hard On The Artists’ Gloria Trevi On Justin Bieber

justin bieber gloria trevi

The Mexican singer Gloria Trevi , commented in a press conference at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, on the excess of controversies and criticisms that the media focuses on some artists, as is the case with Justin Bieber today. According to the singer, some media exaggerate and even cruel to be that kind of ‘promotion’ negative. Check out the Trevi statements on the subject:

“Sometimes we artists are used as an example in matters of non-payment of taxes or other issues, but it seems a bit unfair the way we are exposed. In recent years, criticism has been very hard and has been uneven. A entertainment media is very hard on the artists and this aspect should be treated equally.’s common to use us as an example to society, but when one of us makes a mistake, attack us without mercy in an impressive way. They must understand we are human beings like anyone and generating sources of employment and that can destroy a career. I see him [Justin] as a young man who is missing, but who makes mistakes like any other young man. “

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