‘I Do Not Think He Has The Best People Around” AJ Mclean On Justin Bieber

Justin bieber AJ Mclean

AJ McLean tasted success and impact that can bring when it attracted thousands of fans to the side of the boy band Backstreet Boys in the ’90s. McLean has shown its concern over the turbulent phase that Justin Bieber is going through, and in a new interview with the Daily Record , the musician sent some more advice to Bieber and noted he did not think the singer is surrounded by the best people.

“First thing – always have a good lawyer. I’m sure now Bieber has the better lawyer. I feel bad for this kid, because he’s under a microscope. Even if he is doing some very stupid things, I feel he’s just being a kid. He started very young and it has achieved tremendous success at a young age. I do not think he has the best people around him. I think he has people who do not want to kick his ass, say no and say that he should not pee in a bucket or throw eggs at someone’s house. But he is being a 19 year old, doing what young people of 19 years makes. Unfortunately he is under the eyes of the public, as much of a way that it can not do anything without being judged.

When you’re in a band, you have to think of the other guys – what you do affects them. But Justin is alone and only do harm to himself. No matter how beautiful you are or how well you can sing and dance. If the songs are not there, no matter. The music is very much based on the radio, and if you are not being played on the radio and people are not really listening to you, so no matter. “

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