NBC: Justin Bieber And His Father Were Abusive To Flight Crew, But Flight Crew Have No Complaint

justin bieber his father abusive

Days after the private jet of Justin Bieber was stopped for a search when reached at airport Teterboro, New Jersey, the NBC News had access to the investigation report, and apparently, unlike than originally thought, the search would have generated more controversy for the singer.

The report obtained by NBC claims that the singer would have been abusive during the flight and with the encouragement of his father, Jeremy Bieber , would verbally insulting a stewardess reported by NBC News.

“The stewardess said that passengers, including Bieber and his father Jeremy Bieber,” the report said, “were extremely verbally abusive and she would not work on another flight with them.”

Pilots, despite having a pressurized cabin, were forced to use their oxygen masks during the flight, according to several sources, so that they would risk not inhale marijuana and if there is drug testing, would not endanger their licenses.

justin bieber jetAccording to officials, when the plane landed at Teterboro Airport that attracts the rich and famous and their private planes, it was inspected by agents of the DEA, Customs, Border Patrol and police.

Officials decided to interrogate Bieber separately from other passengers, the report said, because “in previous interrogations, Bieber was argumentative and abusive when he was together with his security team.”

The trainer and assistant “denied having knowledge of the contents of the bags and said the bags were actually from Bieber, but they were forced to put their names on the bags,” according to the report. No “drug” was found, however.

No member of the flight crew were willing to press charges against their passengers, so Bieber, his father and his friends were allowed to leave.

However, after Bieber’s entourage departed, two sources said that the authorities conducted another search and found the plane empty bags that appeared to have been used to store marijuana. None of the items could be linked to Bieber, his father, or his guests.

Nor staff Drug Enforcement Administration or Customs officials or Border Patrol declined to comment to NBC News. The aviation company who flew Bieber entourage to New Jersey, Meridian Air Charter , also declined to comment.

The incident was the third clash with the law in recent weeks for Bieber. In late January, he was arrested for alleged drunk driving in Miami after a supposed ‘handle’ and then in Toronto was questioned for an alleged assault on a limo driver that occurred in late December 2013.

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