Robert Leslie sing a song, His Dream to make Justin Bieber listen his music

Robert Leslie Justin Bieber

Robert Leslie is a British composer who currently lives in New York City, fighting for their dreams as a musician and drew the attention of the after he wrote a song about Justin Bieber and his current turbulent phase.

The song titled “Is This What You Dreamed, Then?” is not meant to make a joke about the problems facing Justin, but to reflect on how the singer feels about all this, Robert’s vision is clear. The composer commented about it and you can see below the music video and the statements of Leslie, who also defended Justin:

What is the topic you address to post videos online?

It is very diverse, is basically about everything that is happening. For example, when we were making the deal about Justin Bieber, my friends were already sitting on my bed drawing and I said, “Hey, guys, can you go? I’ll make a video”, and they responded [mumbled], ” We’re going. ”

That song called “Is This What You Dreamed, Then?” (So this is what you dreamed?) About Justin Bieber. How did this happen?

This is somewhat crazy. It came when I was reading all these news about Justin Bieber [this occurred several months before the arrest of Bieber in January 2014.] And he had all these scandals in Rio, where he was caught with his pants down in a brothel and then his aides had to carry him out of the brothel covered by a white sheet. And they had a picture like that, so you see, like, a pair of shoes and then this white sheet and then three huge bodyguards standing around and a person, this looks so incredibly pathetic and sad that my friends and I started thinking “Oh, it’s a kind of tragic figure, is not it?” And then it was like, “Oh, you have to write a really tragic, heartfelt and sentimental song about Justin Bieber. You must do this.” So I started looking for some information about his childhood and stuff. And somehow, I have to see that he is a child, because I really can not do anything for him. Imagine you have 19 years old, you basically have an infinite amount of money, and is atraenta, and he sleep with a Brazilian prostitute and this is sort Armageddon immediately.

And now your goal is to make Justin Bieber listen to this music?

Yes, this is my dream. I’m not sure whether we should publicize it, though perhaps we should. But you have to see that I’m sincere, this is essential. Like, you can not think that this is some kind of joke.

Let’s say you were with him and now you want to sing this song. What could you say to Justin Bieber?

“So Justin, I can not say I know his music very well, I’m kind of a popular musician right away. But I respect what you’re doing and I think you are very talented. Everybody seems to think is all about the party and it’s all about getting rich, but if you ask me, you are a young kid and you’re confused looks, and you’re not as free as you are supposed to, you know you must be free to make mistakes and be free to live your life. And when I saw the pictures, Justin, it just made me sad. And I wanted to write something about it. ”

Ultimately, what you would like this song brought you?

Hm … [Whispers slowly] “Fast Money.” I do not know. God, that’s a great question. I just hope people can hear it. It’s kind of a little catchy tune. If I could wake up one morning and find an email in my inbox from Justin Bieber saying, “Hey, I heard this song I really like her, you really captured my feelings in it.” If I could make that happen , I’d die a happy man [laughs]. Because you kind of want to play with these things, you know? Your job as a photographer is basically to touch people. And in a way, is like the most extreme form of play ‘devil’s advocate’, because I mean it is a kind of song / joke, right? And I really do not care deeply about something that is Justin Bieber. But try to write something and really try to find the feeling behind something so pathetic is a kind of challenge …

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