“Makes Sense” 50 Cent On Mayweather Climb Into The Ring Alongside Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber 50 Cent Floyd Mayweather

During an interview to ESPN , covering market generated in the sports world, by using popular artists alongside the great champions, especially in the world of boxing, the rapper 50 Cent commented on Justin Bieber and their appearances alongside his friend and champion, the Floyd Mayweather . 

ESPN: Currently we are seeing more and more music and sports using each other to sell products. Some of them make sense, as the Raptors with Drake.But some look like they are far from it. Some of it does not make sense, like Justin Bieber walking with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the ring.

50 Cent: [Laughs] It makes sense, actually. You look at it initially and think: ‘Why Floyd is really doing it’ But Justin has an impact and appeal to teens and everyone else. Floyd looked to him to have someone by his side to represent the musical culture and that will increase his audience. You know, the first person that I was left with Floyd. And, look, there’s a lot of m * RDAs interesting going on with Justin Bieber now. [Laughter]

ESPN: Are you a promoter of boxing. You like to have Bieber walking beside one of his fighters to SMS Promotions ringside?

50 Cent: Yes, but not with a new guy – put him next to a devoted fighter while. A guy whose brand is already established and you can handle it [with the publicity generated by Bieber]. It’s just an additional conversation. If we are not talking about Floyd and his struggles, we’re talking about Bieber being there. It just makes it more relevant.

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