Justin Bieber Joins The List Of US Homeland Security On Behalf Of Processes In The Country

justin bieber Homeland Security

Justin Bieber is going through a tough routine every time you enter or leave the United States. According TMZ, the Canadian singer has entered a watch list of internal security of the United States because of the two criminal cases in which it is involved (his arrest on charges of Miami and throw eggs at a neighbor’s house in Calabasas, considered as vandalism ). According to the site, to leave and enter the U.S., Justin will be detained and questioned by.

When Justin flew from Canada to an airport in New Jersey on Friday … The U.S. Customs did a search on his plane and then questioned him for hours before letting him go.

Police sources have told tmz … Customs Bieber stopped because he is on the list of U.S. homeland security on behalf of his two criminal cases that are ongoing.

Said Bieber will be subjected to the same treatment every time he quit and return to the United States – a thorough search and then the comprehensive examination will be taken. It is very difficult to get out of the U.S. homeland security list, once you’re in it. You can appeal to Homeland Security (Homeland Security), but the agency has wide discretion.

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