‘He Does Many Good Things As Well’ Susan Tremblett Justin Bieber’s Visit To Kayla

Justin bieber susan tremblett

Justin Bieber has been tried in an attempt to massacre much of the sensationalist media to create rumors and distorts some controversial issues which the singer has been involved. On one side, Bieber has his fans, not supporting their mistakes, but ready to help to overcome them and other media and haters who always expected to live this moment, where Bieber would fail and are just doing what they already was expected, attacking, condemning and judging each attitude of the singer.

Although it is unclear the purpose of so much criticism and people willing (and often unrelated to the actual facts), to mercilessly attack the Canadian superstar, fortunately, some people, famous and anonymous, but who had positive experiences with Justin still treat the issue as it would treat any human person who has the right to learn from their mistakes, even growing in the eyes of the world.One is Susan Tremblett that even the request for Bieber to keep their experience secret, became public share a good recent experience he had with the star and her daughter, Kayla , one childhood friend Justin who passed away in late 2013 but days before, had one of his last moments of greatest happiness beside the Canadian singer who attacks both the media and prioritizes the reporting rumors and controversies about the same extend.

Susan Tremblett will not join the frenzied trend of social media. Cambridge woman will not ridicule the serious problems of life style of Justin Bieber .

She’s not amused, while the screen of the game mocks him as a clown Leafs fan wearing orange prison jumpsuit. She will not laugh as the other editions of photos from his facial features turned into a transsexual with a mixture of Miley Cyrus.

Such contempt is something cruel about an extremely talented and deeply troubled kid from Stratford. Tremblett, 40, saw Bieber, 19, doing his best.

“He’s very sweet,” she said on Friday morning, after Bieber reportedly made ​​a catch and drove under the influence in Miami Beach, causing a vicious barrage of criticism on Twitter.

Sweet? Yes, and the generous type. Which avoids publicity [with his generosity]. That’s how she saw Bieber just days after Christmas.

The daughter of Tremblett, 15, Kayla , was fighting the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for six months after a lung transplant he had many chances to save his life, not last.

Justin Bieber appeared. As a form of support as a friend of the family, he left their homes in Stratford to visit Kayla. He asked only that his visit was mild, with only two bodyguards to keep everything calm. Two survivors in the struggle for organ donation felt like normal teenagers. One only had days to live. Kayla died in the New Year. “He treated her like a normal child” , Tremblett said.

They heard one of their new songs and he gave a download of his new movie [Believe]. After all, Kayla had attended a show. She was a fan. Of all the hockey players, mayors, artists and television personalities who stood in the hospital bed to congratulate their determination, had left no fan of Justin so happy.

“She had a lot of good experiences,” Tremblett of its famous visitors said. “But Justin Bieber was among the first five minutes of hisyour conversation.”

“Bieber has a lot of questions about Kayla in a half hour visit. He was not selfish. It was more a fan of her than she of him. Keep fighting. Do not give up, he insisted.They posed for pictures. He asked that were not posted on Facebook. “

“It just shows his character,” said Tremblett. “He took time out of their Christmas and did not want anything for it.”

But a few weeks later, Bieber has shown a strikingly different side of his complex personality to the world.

He was the top pop into the hands of police officers in five years. He took his mug-shot. It is a tragedy in the style of Shakespeare . It is also somewhat difficult to digest for Tremblett. Bieber What she found was so centered and a prince. The Bieber Miami Beach is a reckless brat.

“I’m not making an excuse for drinking and driving, and I do not make excuses for drugs” , she said. “That could have cost more than a fine for drunk driving. could have cost a life.”

The preciousness of a young life that was next to Kayla, a few weeks ago, seemed forgotten in the glove compartment of a yellow Lamborghini.

He made ​​himself an easy target. But it is not useless. “He does a lot of good,” Tremblett said, recalling the smile he put on the ruddy face of Kayla in the hospital.

So Tremblett decided to go public with photos of Bieber and Kayla. She expects him to learn from his troubles. She hopes that people do not choose to destroy it.

“We just hope he gets proper guidance,” she said.

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