‘He Needs People Who Tell You The Truth’ Steve Arterburn About Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Steve Arterburn

The bestselling writer, and evangelical speaker, Steve Arterburn, sent some advice for Justin Bieber during a broadcast of his program aired on radio and TV in the U.S., “New Life Live”,  this week.

Arterburn sent some heartfelt advice and even made a list of 6 steps that Bieber should follow to make a keepsake of the turbulent phase of learning. Check the statements of Steve:

“One thing is to sow wheat and other thing is to start a fire in his life. He’s living a dream, but this dream must be very empty with any kind of real relationship or with someone who can help this guy. He needs a mentor, get a foundation to raise money to meet the needs of children with problems, do something good for the world. Michael Jackson and Elvis are dead because no one could reach them or no one was willing to tell them the truth. Obviously, Justin does not have anyone around you who will be honest with him and hold him accountable for his behavior. He needs someone to say, ‘Here’s the reality of his life. Accept responsibility for what happened, and make a repair for the damage you caused. ‘”

Arterburn finalized its advice to Bieber in six tips:

1) Have someone tell you the reality of his situation.

2) Accept responsibility for what you do.

3) Make repairs.

4) Begin to connect more emotionally healthy people.

5) Be responsible.

6) If you can not do steps 1-5, seek treatment, the sooner the better.

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