‘I Do Not Think What He Did Will Ruin His Career’ Enrique Iglesias On Justin Bieber


During interview this week with British radio, Capital FM, singer Enrique Iglesias was asked his opinion on the recent controversies generated by the behavior of Justin Bieber .

Iglesias started in defense of Bieber and clarified that the errors of the singer are more common among boys of his age and that the media is exaggerating. Check below, the statements Enrique:

“I think they are exaggerating what’s going on with Justin Bieber. I mean, come on, when you are a teenager who does not bet a race? I know because I used to do and I ran with my friends all the time. Unfortunately he is under a microscope and he was caught a few times. I do not think what he did will ruin your career if you ask me. therefore it does not get worse, since he has no problem with drugs, as long as he does not get mad. I think these are the most common mistakes that teenagers make. “

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