Mayor Of Gold Coast Wants Justin Bieber Graffiti Removed Else Need To Pay Fine

Justin Bieber Graffiti Artwork

Justin Bieber Stayed at the QT Hotel, where he performed shows in the country with the Believe Tour and during his stay, the singer asked permission to spray paint the walls of private property, which was authorized by the hotel management, but since then is creating a battle with the mayor, who did not like the graffiti and has demanded that it be removed even being against the owners.

Now the mayor wants to impose a fine hotel and graffiti Bieber is still causing debate on the implementation of new tax laws in the city.

The hotel’s Gold Coast, where the pop star Justin Bieber graffitied the walls at the court continues to defy the orders of Mayor Tom Tate to remove the drawings.

The QT Hotel located in Surfers Paradise ignored the decision to redecorate one wall next to his tennis court, tarred by the star when he stayed there in late November last year.

The “Bieberfiti” includes faces in the style of Pacman ghost highly colored, disfigured faces and even a creature in the Spongebob style.

Within hours of graffiti Bieber appears on the wall, which was visible from the Gold Coast Highway, Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate ordered him removed, and delivered even graffiti removal kits to the hotel.

The hotel refused to comply and has gone further to promote a competition of graphite in his Facebook page, for artists who want to show their skills in another hotel wall.Operators already protected, covering most of artworks Bieber with black plastic, held in place with tape.

“Covering with plastic is not good enough. The population … And taxpayers will not be satisfied until QT Gold Coast to start listening and clean. The public property, including trees and signposts have been repeatedly vandalized over the sidewalk in front of graffiti QT, on the Gold Coast “ , he said.

Tate said the council was still considering forcing the owners of private property with graffiti – including the hotel – to indemnify the city from 2000 thousand dollars a year to be spent on removing graffiti.

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