Justin Bieber Resolves Legal Dispute With His Bodyguard, Moshe Benabou

Justin Bieber Moshe Benabou

In early 2013, we reported the resignation of Moshe Benabou , former bodyguard to Justin Bieber‘s Canadian star team. Moshe filed suit against Justin, claiming it was assaulted and harassed by the singer after allegedly trying to prevent a person close to the singer approached him and seeking payment of unpaid overtime in the season for Bieber, between March 2011 and October 2012 totaling $ 421.261 dollars.

Justin’s lawyer sent a press release stating that the case was settled amicably by Justin, who represented by counsel, the matter would have ended with an indemnity whose amount has not been confirmed, but according to lawyers, trading was satisfactory for “both parties”. 

Justin Bieber settled a legal dispute with a former bodyguard who had accused the pop star of attacking him backstage at a show. Moshe Benabou filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court in January 2013 accusing Bieber of beating him during a “discussion” in October 2012.

“The discussion apparently started by Justin Bieber found that there was an attempt by Moshe Benabou to keep a member of the entourage of Mr. Bieber physically away from Justin Bieber,” the lawsuit said. “Because of this discussion, Justin Bieber took a punched repeatedly in the chest and upper body Moshe Benabou. Moshe Benabou unreacted or tried to protect themselves from their worries about the physical well-being of Justin Bieber. “

The process could have gone on trial in Los Angeles later this month, had not been resolved.

“The matter was resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, and the case was finalized,” Bieber’s lawyer, .

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