Justin Bieber Flirted With Blondes And Brunettes In The Super Bowl Parties

Justin Bieber Super Bowl New York

Justin Bieber chimes for two parties leading up to the biggest sporting event in the United States, the Super Bowl . Before you watch the games, the singer caused the events held this weekend in New York and E! told details from interviews with other guests in the events. Justin Bieber never miss a good party.

The singer of 19 years was present during the Super Bowl this weekend, sources tell E!News. The pop star visited Maxim’s “Big Game Weekend,” held by the Talent Resources Sports on Friday, January 31.

Around midnight, members of the security team Bieber did a scan on the neighborhood Espace City’s Hell’s Kitchen in New York in. The musician and his entourage arrived a little after 1:00 and entered through a back door. Bieber – wearing a hoodie, a hat and sunglasses, was led to a large cabin.

“Many girls began to surround his desk. A hordes of other people ran to his cabin, too, craning his neck to look at him and holding their cell phones,” said a guest on the chaos surrounding the arrival of Bieber. “About six or seven huge bodyguards were keeping away anyone who approached his table without permission. They lit lanterns in the face of people who were getting too close.”

Bieber spoke with several different women ( “both blondes as brunettes” ) in the trendy club. “He pointed to a girl he liked and bodyguards came and let her enter the cabin” , reveals a guest. “In a time it seemed like he was exchanging his number to one of the brunettes. “

Nevertheless, Bieber was not seen drinking, “there was plenty of drink on the table.”He left the place around 3:30.

The next night, the singer of “All Around the World” was the party 11th Annual “Leather & Laces” Super Bowl, held by Robert Graham and Barracuda Network, the Liberty Theater in Times Square. The security team did more Bieber a site inspection at around 3:00 a.m., half an hour before the singer appears. Bieber was taken to a VIP box upstairs. A source said he “seemed in good spirits” despite the “great crowd” who was gaping at him.

Bieber was “extremely nice to everyone and was not drinking” , the source said.When a guest asked Bieber if he brought with him a skateboard to cover her face and prevent people take pictures of him, he replied: “! Is Not for walking” He then asked if he could skate at the party and began to close a circle in space.

The singer of “Confident” took photos with fans who asked. Bieber left the party around 5:00 am when finished.

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