James Blunt Claims Paparazzi for Harassment With Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber James Blunt

During an interview recently, British singer James Blunt was asked about the negative controversies involving Canadian Justin Bieber and staff have been among several media outlets. James defended Bieber, and commented on the harassment of the paparazzi on the star, and that often the culprits are those who buy the magazines with negative headlines. Check the comment by owner’s hit “You’re Beautiful”,

“I think if I had paparazzi following me photographing things that every 19 year old is doing, would be a way to end the fun of being that age. I’ve been in situations where the paparazzi chasing me around cars. These guys are not friendly and they are not asking you to simply pose for a photo.’re abusing you because they want a response or a reaction, because this will give them a better picture.’s a strange world. We are the ones who read about him [Justin Bieber], and bought the magazines, and every time we do this, there will be another paparazzi chase “

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