VIDEO: Two Lucky Fans Who Met Justin Bieber In Apple Store, Got Iphone 5 Gifted

justin bieber apple store

Two lucky fans who met Justin Bieber singer and got iPhones gifted in New York on February 1, and asked how was the experience. The girls reported that appeared in the Canadian Store Apple Store while they watched their newest music video, “Confident“, and that as soon as he saw them talked to them and then asked what the favorite color of each to buy the iPhone and to gift them.

justib bieber with fanReporter: So what happened? I heard that you met Justin Bieber at the Apple Store, what happened?

Fan: We were walking after going to his hotel [Justin] … And we were at the Apple Store, because they thought he was asleep or out of the hotel and would go back in the morning to try to find him. And then we were at the Apple Store and started walking watch the video Confident, I was crying losing hope because I thought it would not know it, because it’s always like that, I never encounter. And then he literally came behind us and touched us both, and he said: “I saw you watching the new video” . And we both turned type: ? “Justin” , I looked it purchases tattoos and thought: “Oh my God in heaven, he is” . And he said, “What is the favorite color of yours?” she said pink and blue I think they did not have the blue iPhone [because she won a green singer]. But he bought the iPhone 5 for us! And that’s pretty crazy.

Reporter: Can I see the photo of you with it? Wow, great story, great story, thanks people.

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