Video: Justin Bieber Skate In The Hotel And The Leather & Laces Superbowl Party

Justin Bieber Superbowl Party

Justin Bieber Superbowl PartyJustin Bieber was photographed by fans while doing various skateboarding tricks while returning to his hotel in New York and continued making a few more tricks in the garage of the place at around 5 am, when he returned event,  Leather & Laces Superbowl Party , which was also photographed showing her skills Fans recorded scenes of the moment in photos and videos that you can see below:Justin Bieber Hotel Skateboarding

Videos of the singer doing skate tricks on morning (02), was published by a fan on Instagram and shows Justin in Leather & Laces Superbowl Party , an event that happened at the Liberty Theater, preceding the Super Bowl. Watch the videos the players below: