GPS Record Shows No Evidence Of Justin Bieber Drag Racing, He Did Not Exceed The Speed!

Justin Bieber driving Lamborghini just before he was arrested

It was proven that Justin Bieber did not drive at high speed in Miami Beach, unlike the first reports of the police. The staff of “TMZ” had access to GPS cars rented by Justin and achieved speeds recorded by the device, showing that Justin and his friend Khalil , practiced no drag racing between the cars.

TMZ obtained a recording of GPS Lamborguini that Justin Bieber was driving when he was arrested for DUI … And had no evidence of dangerous races. TMZ broke the story ..according to Miami Beach police, Bieber and his friend Khalil (who ran the red car) drove dangerously, and why they were stopped. The police said they were in approximation 55 and 60km per hour.

But the GPS in the car Justin had recordings of acceleration of the car, and much slower.At 4:07 am in the morning Justin left the club and drove off … marking the maximum speed of 44MPH. Two minutes later the GPS recorded a maximum of 27MPH.  Whether Justin was doing splits, the GPS should have recorded his speed. And yet, its maximum speed in the” Pine Tree” was 27MPH.

This can cause problems for developers, because if the reason for stopping Bieber was false, the case may be invalidated. TMZ has the video of Justin cars being stopped. But the problem is .. The videos show no cracks.Justin Bieber car gps record

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