‘Bieber In The Head’, Miley Cyrus On Cosmopolitan Confused Bieber With Justin Timberlake

Justin Bieber Miley Cyrus Justin Timberlake

The singer Justin Timberlake turned 33 years old, and was honored by many media outlets, including Cosmopolitan , which published on the official website of the magazine an album with multiple photos in celebration. To promote the new publication on Twitter, the Cosmopolitan committed two errors, one of them in the age of the birthday (putting 32 instead of 33), and the other using the name of Justin Bieber in place of Timberlake.

Soon the singer Miley Cyrus made ​​a reference on the issue and sent a Tweet Print for Cosmopolitan saying: “Bieber on the head” . Check out the tweet from the singer of the hit “We Can not Stop” , below:

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