Video: Justin Bieber Attending ‘Big Game Weekend’ Super Bowl In New York

Justin Bieber Super Bowl New York 1

Justin Bieber chose to start the month of February in New York, the Canadian superstar arrived in the United States in a climate of almost new controversy when his plane was stopped in the metropolitan New York Airport in New Jersey, but fortunately everything went well.

The singer came to town accompanied by his father, Jeremy Bieber and a few friends and was photographed several times by paparazzi and fans this early Saturday. Besides having gone to party “Big Game Weekend”, which precedes and celebrates the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the United States, which takes place this Sunday and with the presence of the star watching the game, Justin was also seen leaving the club where the party took place and followed in his car through the city. Check out photo and video of the moment:Justin Bieber Super Bowl  New York 2