Believe Movie: Justin Bieber Is The Most Watched Premiere In Argentina And Chile

justin bieber believe movie

The movie Justin Bieber’s Believe , became the most-watched premiere in Argentina and Chile, on its release. The documentary brings new footage of the tour “Believe“, behind the scenes footage and interviews of Justin Bieber , team members, friends and family addressing the controversies and rumors surrounding the singer between 2012 and 2013.

In Argentina, more than 30,000 fans bought tickets not to miss the launch, and  stood in front of releases like “Frozen: Frozen Adventures,” “The Mystery of Happiness” and “I, Frankenstein”.

In Chile, the documentary also ranked first on launch day and soon the distributor Diamond Films Chile , give details and numbers of ticket sales in the country.

Bieber fans at the premiere in Paraguay
Bieber fans at the premiere in Paraguay

Meanwhile, in Paraguay, the documentary attracted hundreds of fans to the cinema in a mall in Asuncion, the Villamorra Cinecenter, selling over 1800 tickets in a single view in the preview event held Jan. 30. The figure was released by Miriam Coronel, head of sales at the box office. “We started sales a week ago, and sales of the preview can really ensure that the premiere of the documentary will be a success in Paraguay,” he said.

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