‘I Know I Was Too Harsh,’ Sharon Osbourne Goes Back And Defends Criticism Of Justin Bieber

justin bieber sharon osbourne

The British actress and presenter, Sharon Osbourne, quoted the singer Justin Bieber again during the program The Talk,  recently displayed. Sharon admitted it was hard with the Canadian superstar to insult him previously saying . “I think he lost, I really do not think he realizes that is not black and white, which is a big problem”.. Check out the excerpt from the interview in which Sharon quotes and defends Justin:

This time reported that Sharon should not have acted in such a way: “I know I was very hard on him – probably because of my experience in that environment, seeing people come and go, and especially with pop music because .’s so disposable I was doing an interview with Fuse for my son and he asked me about Bieber … And he said, ‘Mom, you were too hard on him Look at what we were doing at his age “.. And I thought, ‘You’re right.’ ” she said.

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