Lamborghini Rented By Justin Bieber Becomes Celebrity in Miami

justin bieber lamborghini 1

Before his arrest dawn on January 23, Justin Bieber was driving a yellow Lamborghini that had been rented in Miami. The Canadian disbursed about $1,500 dollars to be able to walk the city streets in style, and after all the controversy, the car has become somewhat of a celebrity among locals who do everything to posing next to the machine that was driven by the singer.And even some models, such as Madison Murray, are being photographed next to the Lamborghini.

The rented Lamborghini that Justin Bieber was driving before his arrest for DUI, is practically a celebrity now – in fact, so famous, that has become a Holy Grail for fans of Bieber and some models. A good example is here: Madison Murray , 24 years old, was seen posing next to the car on Tuesday.

Sure, it’s a yellow Lamborghini – who would not is beside him-but sources tell us that the car Justin increased his reputation this month, and local models are doing everything to get a photo.

justin bieber lamborghini 2And not only are the models, a source of Lou La Vie , which rents exotic automobiles from Miami, told TMZ that the company has been inundated with calls from crazy Bieber fans also asking to rent it for one day only to take photos on the site where Bieber was arrested.

While not cheap: the rental car costs about $1500 – $1700 per day, depending on how many days you want to rent it. So far, he’s already booked for this weekend.

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