‘Stop Oppress Him, I Got Him To The End,’ Ryan Butler Defends Justin Bieber From The Haters

justin bieber ryan butler

In a recent post on the internet, Ryan Butler, best friend of Justin Bieber , vented and said his thoughts on everything that has happened to the singer. Besides defending Justin, Ryan also commented that his friend remains strong, even with the turbulent phase. Check out the post:

 To everyone posting hateful things about Justin:
Envy must be a very difficult thing to swallow because clearly you all are. I resisted to post this, but I think at this point it needs to be treated. Being in the media can be a very hard thing to handle like a celebrity and I witnessed first hand how it is to be his best friend. It is not easy being in that situation, growing in front of everyone. Yes, people make mistakes. We all do. We are human. But to say that a 19 year old kid, living his dream, making lots of money (which you probably will never experience in their lifetime) is “out of control”, is disgusting to hear with his best friend. He was always on the right track and will continue to be, as a man and as a musician. He has been my best friend my whole life and I’m with him in good times and bad, to the end. He recently traveled to Guatemala in his spare time to build a school for very, very poor children, who had no idea who he was because of the lack of media in poor countries. Now, hundreds of young children have a chance to education because of the kind gestures of that human being.So stop “oppress it” by every little thing you “hear” what is “true” because so much is false. Honestly, I think he did very well to be in the position he is now. You should all sit down and have a broader view.

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