‘People Hate Him For Absurd Reasons’: Adam Kokesh About Justin Bieber

Justin bieber Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh , journalist and author of “Freedom”, recently gave an interview with Examiner , and when asked what he thought the arrest of singer Justin Bieber , held last January 23 in Miami, the same argues that the Canadian is loving the attention it is getting.

“Seeing the mugshot photo of Justin Bieber and comparing to mine, where I was smiling too, I mean every time I pointed the camera at me, I said, ‘Good for him'”Adam said.

“I am completely confident that he is loving all this attention,” Kokesh suggested especially for Bieber, “He has become a great person in the music industry and large studios, a situation that recently led him to announce he would retire. “

Smiling shyly, Kokesh admitted through pop culture news was hard to avoid. “‘m ashamed to know so much about it,” he adds.

Continuing, Adam adds, “It’s pretty cool to know that he was able to smile and endure it.” Journalist of 31 years also comments on the childhood of the singer, “He probably had a childhood much atrophied and was prevented from learning a lot of things. This experience with the law might teach him something. “

“Many people hate him for absurd reasons, seeing a guy smiling in a mugshot, I really appreciate it,” Adam Kokesh ends.

On the afternoon of Tuesday (28), the Panamanian fans had to bid farewell to Bieber and hours after the singer of 19 years has left Panama, a video of Justin at Tocumen airport were disclosed.

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