Video: ‘Go Back To Canada,’ Nick Carter Sends Message To Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Nick Carter

Brothers Nick and Aaron Carter were shopping in the store Maxfield in Malibu when they were questioned by a reporter site TMZ about Justin Bieber . Nick is a member of the band Backstreet Boys , and his brother Aaron, who is also a singer, made ​​a huge success in the late 90s and was considered the “Justin Bieber Original” .

As a result, the TMZ reporter questioned the similarity between the style of both, and Nick said that Justin is Canadian, American and Aaron, and that is better than the star of 19 years back to their country of origin. Check from time 0:48 in the video below

TMZ: You were considered the original Justin Bieber, you think he has a bit of your style or …?
Nick Carter: Look, Justin Bieber is cool and all, he and all his generation … But he is Canadian, and Aaron is American. Go back to Canada Justin. America, stay with my brother!

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