Lil Za Not Moving out of Justin Bieber’s Mansion In Calabasas

Justin Bieber Lil Za Calabasas

Justin Bieber would have move out his friend, Lil Za , the Luxury mansion in which the Canadian superstar welcomed a little over a year ago, in Calabasas. The rapper has deleted his account on the Twitter, after being bombarded with criticism from some fans who do not find it to be a good influence for Justin.

Despite alleged sources have stated that Za was staying at a hotel in the city, according to the “TMZ”  with a recent photo Za uploaded to his account in Instagram app, in the mansion of Bieber in the kitchen too Monday, the story that Justin asked Lil Za leave his mansion is completely false. Lil Za and his mom

Lil Za and Justin Bieber are still roommates – TMZ learned that Za is not going away …and is not being forced to leave home in Calabasas Bieber … despite his arrest for drug possession.

Near Za sources tell us that he was only visiting his mother, who came to Texas after his arrest for drug possession – and opted to stay in a hotel instead of staying at the home of Bieber.

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