Video: Katy Perry, Jamie Foxx And Ariana Grande Give Advice To Justin Bieber

justin bieber advice

The awards ceremony was held at the Grammy Awards on Sunday and behind the scenes of the award, one of the names most mentioned in the interviews was that of Justin Bieber. While not attending the event, the singer’s recent arrest in Miami were targeted for discussion on the night of the greatest music awards.

Following this line, the Extra interviewed the stars Katy PerryJamie Foxx and Ariana Grande , questioning what advice they would give to Justin to overcome the troubled period in his career.

Reporter: I gotta ask you, why did you go to Miami, amuses you sometimes, and Bieber was there and had some problems, if Bieber were your child, what advice would you give?

Jamie Foxx: That’s … Well, hopefully someone will help you, he’s a young guy, a talented young man, you know, this is something young, my son, I tell him, you have to have fun, but do not go overboard, have good times but make sure it’s just fun, why it can be fantastic. Longevity in the industry is the best, he closed one arm [tattoos], you know, continue having good times, that’s it.

Ariana Grande: Everyone is asking me about it, I think people should not get so much around him. I mean, he is very alone and nobody can understand what he is going through. You know, people think it’s easier than it really is, I think all that matters is health and there are differences between helping someone or judge someone. We have the same manager, Scooter, who will be with him now and he’ll be fine.

Reporter: I gotta ask you, everyone is talking about Bieber in Miami, what advice, what would you say about this situation with Justin Bieber?

Katy Perry : He’ll figure it out … Or not. Well, keep watching.

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