‘Let’s Build A Fire’ Father Of Miley Cyrus Invites Justin Bieber To His Farm

justib bieber bill ray cyrus

Country star Billy Ray Cyrus , father of singer Miley Cyrus, has some advice for Justin Bieber after the teenage pop star was arrested last week – to forget things a bit more – and he also said he would be happy to invite for Bieber his farm.

When interviewed on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards for ET Online reporter Nancy O’Dell about the problems with the law Bieber to visit Miami Beach, Cyrus said he wished to “invite him to go to the farm,” to participate in more relaxed and far from a modern city activities. “Would you like to invite you to go to the farm, go out to the field. Build a bonfire, you know, go out and watch the hawks, and eat turkey. Just a little back to life . “

“Actually, this is my invitation to Justin. Bring your dad, let’s go to the farm, and we’ll make a fire and just talk about it,” said Cyrus.

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