‘People Are Being Too Harsh With Him’ Ellie Goulding On Justin Bieber

justin bieber ellie goulding

During an interview with Capital FM , the English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding, defended Justin Bieber constant criticism of the media, which intensified after his arrest.

“Everyone goes through this phase a sort of just messing up a bit, I did it too.’s A strange life, we should not take everything so seriously, but at your level, even at my level, which is the way most below it, it’s weird. You have to do some strange things and your life can get a little intense “ .

She added: “It is not strange that from time to time you fail and it just happens, I think everyone has an epiphany eventually and realize that they are lost and are not in a good place and you fix it.”

However, it is not only the arrest of Justin that made him a target of bad media, but several earlier incidents. However, Ellie stood firm in saying that the troubled pop star can overcome his demons.

“People are being too harsh with him. Críticao be difficult I think. I can not relate to life assim.Há people in this world and in this industry that have done very well and are really successful, and deal with it the right way, but still I think even these people have gone through a phase where everything is a bit exaggerated. You have to be in a bad place for [is] back in a good place and know who you are. “

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