LAPD Finds No Evidence In The Case Against Justin Bieber’s ‘Attack Eggs’

Justin Bieber Egg Attack

After a few days of research, it seems that the LA County Sheriff’s Department , which is investigating the case of charges against Justin Bieber by a attack of eggs‘, found no evidence to incriminate the singer. TMZ would have talked to police sources involved in the investigation and reported that there is not yet enough evidence to convict the singer.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department found no evidence that he attacked a neighbor’s house when agents raided the mansion of Justin …Sources close to Bieber told TMZ.

TMZ broke the story … Sheriff’s deputies were searching for images of surveillance cameras that could incriminate Bieber. They were also looking to see if Justin boasted of the attack eggs with text messages after the incident.

Familiar with the video surveillance camera sources told us that they saw Bieber going to the neighbor’s house. Furthermore, we were told that was not found, either before or after the incident, Bieber videos showing the crime scene.

We were also told … Bieber not “sent text messages” about the incident eggs. So … The proceedings will be filed against Bieber or continue based on a video from TMZ and the testimony of two witnesses who identified Justin. As for the video, you can not see Bieber … but you can definitely hear a voice that sounds exactly like him.

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Regarding the two eyewitnesses … they are the neighbor who has accused him and his 13 year old daughter. Police sources have told TMZ … The sheriff’s department will send the case to the LA County District Attorney for review this week. The prosecution could blame Bieber for the crime of vandalism or settle for a misdemeanor vandalism. Or the prosecutor could consider Bieber innocent.

While the investigation of cases against Bieber advance, more evidence in favor of the singer are found, as in the case of another incident involving his arrest in Miami.

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