‘He Really Cares’ Carmen Ortega Account Details On Conversation With Justin Bieber

justin bieber carmen ortega

The model Carmen Ortega, who was in the company of Justin Bieber in strip club King Of Diamonds in Miami last January 21, revealed details of a conversation with the Canadian during the moment of fun. Carmen also commented on the arrest of the singer, saying that he’s a normal guy and he feels bad about the media pressure.

He’s just doing what any teenager would do if a star with lots of money. He is a normal guy. Which kid of 19 years old would not want to party with models and go to a strip club on the anniversary of your friend? are talking about something that did not happen. course, some of his friends were drinking, but nobody was doing anything crazy. had no drugs, ” said the model on the way to the astro club.

Regarding the controversy, Carmen said Justin realmentee feel bad about all the negativity that the media imposes in relation to it: . “He really cares about what people say He was saying that all this attention is ruining his career. He was very sad. He said, ‘I hate it when people say I’m a bad guy, is a lot of pressure from the media. I’m not a bad guy, I’m just being myself’.”

“I do not agree with everything he did, but he is not out of control. I feel like he says and does things to anger the media, which makes everything worse. He does not quite know how to handle all the attention,” said her about the arrest of Bieber.

Carmen also said that his colleague advised to seize the moment when it said it did not know what I could do to be understood, and he agreed saying: “You’re right” .

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