Miami Police Denies Alcohol Content In The Blood Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Arrested In Miami Beach

The website “TMZ” published a report claiming to have obtained information from an anonymous source, who revealed that there had been an error on the part of the police as to the level of alcohol in the blood of Justin Bieber , what would be a breakthrough for the team of lawyers defend the same, after his arrest on Thursday (23).

The News interviewed Lt. Robert Hernandez , responsible for the arrest of Justin in Miami and even denied the claims of “TMZ”, calling the claims “unrealistic” and explaining the real reasons that led Bieber to jail.

Justin Bieber may have some reason to celebrate, despite the severity of his charges. A possible error between the level of alcohol in the blood of the singer at the time of arrest and the total according to the police in the police report could open a loophole for the legal team of Bieber use to their advantage.

Bieber registered an alcohol level of 0.014 in blood, after his arrest Thursday morning while driving a Lamborghini rented yellow and was under the influence of substances – a relatively low amount compared to the suggestions made ​​in the police report that described, “I immediately felt an odor of alcohol emanating from the breath of the driver,” wrote the arresting officer, adding that Bieber also cursed the police several times and resisted arrest.

A police source told the “” that the low level of alcohol in the blood does not match the police report, and it could help in the defense of Bieber. But the police sergeant Miami Beach, Robert Hernandez countered TMZ report, calling it“unrealistic.”

“People have a lot of misconceptions about what people say, especially in this case where Bieber made ​​incriminating statements about the substances that he had consumed,” said Hernandez to The News.

“He is not charged with DUI DWI, which means that it is not necessarily needed drunk, but was actually” impaired “by a combination of drugs, marijuana, alcohol and drugs.”

He said that Bieber has not gone through a sobriety test at the scene, but willingly did a breathalyzer test at the police station and gave a sample of your urine. “He could’re not drunk, but he was using stuff. When someone blows below the legal limit, classify as a DRE – Drug Recognition Expert – (when a person drives under the influence of any drug) which was done with Bieber, and he confirmed that he was under the influence of them, “ said Hernandez.

The Tattooed Terror was eventually accused of crimes of driving under the influence of drugs, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license in Georgia.

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