Justin Bieber Team Expects Him To Go To Rehab But Charges In Miami Were Not So Serious

justin bieber go to rehab

The fact that Justin Bieber was arrested during the early hours of Thursday (23), became the agenda among various media. Many began to question the physical and mental state of the singer of 19 years old, and comment on a possible admission to a rehabilitation clinic that could help him recover.

Based on the “TMZ” stating that Justin does not rule out the idea of ​​a treatment, and that his team supports you in that decision. Teams of Justin Bieber are asking him to come back to Los Angeles, and then they can sit with him and convince him to do a therapy immediately.

Sources close to Bieber told TMZ that they are trying to get him to rehab for months, but he scoffed at the idea – he did not talk about it and insists it does not need it.

TMZ reported that his team believes that the next step would be a much psychotherapy to deal with your drug problem as the underlying problems that caused it. TMZ told that Justin did not reject a possible therapy and is willing to face it when he return to LA

Justin’s team has endured over the last year, and they believe that the root problems involving their education, as obviously – be a star as a child, growing up rich and famous and have become accustomed to it.

Justin’s team is hoping that the judge’s order to do rehab, but the reality is that it probably will not happen because the charges in Miami were not so serious. On the other hand, if the case of eggs is filed as a felony, it is possible that rehabilitation can be part of a plea agreement reported TMZ.

NOTE : The Justin Bieber Musicx is not making any kind of statement about the possible departure of Justin rehabilitation, both Justin as his team is not yet officially commented on the matter. The JBMusicx has the sole purpose of keeping fans informed envelopes matters involving Bieber and other information will be replaying it updated in future.