The More Exposed And More Alone Human Being I’ve Ever Met,’ Ariana Grande On Justin Bieber

Ariana Grande Justin Bieber

Ariana Grande was in the studios of radio Mix 104.1 and to be interviewed by announcers Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy and Salt, the singer of “Baby I” talked about the expectation for the 56th Grammy Awards on Sunday, and was also questioned about recent controversy in which Justin Bieber just wrapped on Thursday (23) after he was arrested in Miami.

Ariana criticized excessive judgments the media and some people, who according to her, have fun with delicate stage and “dangerous” in the singer’s personal life. Finally, the singer showed her support for Justin and defined the current phase of Justin stating that, “He is the most exposed and more alone human being I’ve ever met.”

Check out the video,  from the interview where Justin Ariana quotes: