Justin Bieber Did Not Receive Special Treatment During Arrest

justin bieber during arrest

Since the early hours of Thursday (23), fans of Justin Bieber have expressed their feelings about the arrest of the singer, who has been gaining a large space in the media worldwide. However, even paying proper bail (worth $ 2500) and obtain release, the Canadian star has caused great impacting the headlines, even among fans, seeking details of the arrest of the singer.

After several sites disseminate photos and videos of the respective moment, the website E! Online released new information, followed by an internal photo of the prison Turner Guilford Knight Correctional stating that Justin did not receive any special treatment, but was treated like all the others who were there.

An inside source told E! that Bieber was actually being considered a “prisoner of high level” , but he received no special treatment inside the prison. He received a red jumpsuit, indicating its status as a high profile by a system of color coding used by the municipality, but it was not created for housing (ie, a longer stay) and therefore was not taken to the ” fixed prison. ” Instead, he was kept alone in a cell that was equipped with a bunk bed to sit, but no mattress.

The source did not know whether Bieber was there during meal time (the prisoners), but if it were, he would have won something to eat. He was escorted out of his cell to attend to your audience via satellite. After the trial, Bieber had to pay the sum of $ 2,500 bail. When he left, he jumped into a car waiting to leave and waved to his fans (and, perhaps unconsciously, to paparazzi and all viewers).

The Turner Guilford Knight Correctional is a prison with 1,300 beds for male prisoners and female prisoners by different levels of crimes, with the main processing center for those arrested in Miami.

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