Canadian Radio Refuses To Play Justin Bieber Songs Till Go To Rehab!

Justin Bieber rehab

A Canadian radio station, Hot 89.9 FM , began a campaign he believes will work and help draw the attention of Justin Bieber . The Ottawa radio refused to play any music singer, until he goes to rehab.

Yes, the singer is banned from Hot 89.9 , until it takes radical action to change their behavior which has caused controversy and resulted in his arrest on Thursday (23). Bieber even after his release, the Hot 89.9 believe that the only solution is the singer go to rehab.

The protest radio seeks to encourage other radio stations around the world, banishing the singer programming. Check out a statement posted on Facebook of radio:

We just felt like that was almost the last straw….we thought banning his music would be one of the only ways to sort of get his attention—perhaps the label, perhaps him personally.

We realize that a lot of them look up to pop icons like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez. So it was our way of saying–especially him being a fellow Canadian—it was just our way of saying, “Look Justin, we really care. You’re not being a good role model right now, get some help.”

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