VIDEO: Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI Drag Racing in Miami

justin bieber arrested

Justin Bieber was arrested in the early hours of Thursday (23), Miami, USA. The details of the arrest of the singer were the subject of the news and according to NBC station, Justin was taken by the local police after making a ‘picks’ in a rented Lamborghini and because he was under the influence of drugs.

According to local station, WSVN News he failed a sobriety test. According to CBS, the team of Justin used cars to block the street Pine Tree Drive so that the singer could make a run.

“He was stopped and failed a sobriety test on site. Then he was taken to a police station so he could do a breathalyzer test,” said Sergeant Bobby Hernandez to the newspaper “Sun Sentinel”.

justin bieber arrested 1According to “TMZ”, Justin is in custody and tests are being done to determine the level of alcohol in his blood. After that, he will be taken to a local jail, where he will be booked, and a value of bail will be determined.

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The singer has spent the last few days in Miami and, according to the website “E!” He reportedly visited a local nightclub before the arrest. The “TMZ” reports that the person who was with Justin who did the “catch” was also arrested. Miami Police confirmed that Khalil was the rapper, who drove a Ferrari. He even post pictures of Justin with a model in Lamborghini moments before the arrest. Bieber also took photos of the cars next to friend and rapper, but removed from his profile in Instagram.

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According to “TMZ” was Justin who was driving a Lamborghini at the time the police stopped the car.

In a video posted by Bieber fan who followed the streets of Miami, you can see the yellow car the singer and rapper Khalil red Ferrari amid other cars and moments after being stopped by police. “Oh my God! Justin just be stopped by the police “ , says the disbelieving fan. Watch the video from the time of arrest the player below:

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