Justin Bieber Fears For Photos Leak And Information On Iphone Seized By Police!

Justin Bieber iphone5

The case of the police investigation with complaints of vandalism against Justin Bieber . During police search Bieber’s mansion, on the 14th of January, and video equipment, agents also took his cell phone from singer and according to E!, Bieber fears his photos and personal information from leaking. Justin Bieber is walking on eggshells. But not really as you are thinking, this has nothing to do with gems.

“People Justin are really concerned about what [the police department] encontrarpa on his phone,” the source told E! News without specifically mentioning they could find Justin on the phone that is making him feel very uneasy. Reports say that the star is afraid of naked pictures and messages with references to drugs leak.

Furthermore, we were told that the police department is only interested in filming outside the home of Bieber. The technology team will look at the images during the attack, and verify that there is no evidence of day and time in question. The video equipment was then seized, in order to analyze the images correctly.

As for the drugs that were found, the source told E! News that they have not been tested yet, but said the results are likely to be positive for Molly (a kind of ecstasy) and Xanax, but official confirmation has not yet been given.

The CNN released commenting on the same subject, and confirmed with one of the officers of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Arrest iPhone Justin, but officials reported that the singer did not have to worry about the leakage of pictures or messages text about drugs on your smartphone.

Sheriff’s deputies took personal smartphone Bieber when they used a search warrant to raid his mansion on Tuesday morning, said Lt. Los Angeles County Sheriff, David Thompson .

Bieber should not worry about nude photos or “conversations about drugs” that can be among your text messages, he said. “It is only with the question of eggs.”

“We’re looking for anything that has to do with this particular incident,” said the detective.