‘Friend’ of Justin Bieber Tries To Sell Nude Photos Of The Singer And Messages!

justin bieber friend selling naked pics

Among other media-reaching in the world, reported receiving an offer for sale of a ‘friend’ of Justin Bieber, whose identity was not revealed, claiming have nude photos of singer and personal text messages. After ascertain the photos and messages, the sites found that they were totally false and the photos were mounted, only to further undermine the public image of Bieber.

Someone’s inner circle of Justin Bieber is reportedly trying to sell text messages to various media and are claiming Bieber.

According to TMZ, a so-called “friends” the pop star says she has text and photos of naked Bieber, Selena Gomez sent to, but are totally FALSE.

One of the messages includes fabricated a false image of the naked star and says:“Come on, do not tell me you do not like it.”

The supposed answer Gomez says: “Stop it you need to listen to Scooter and go to rehab you sick.”. .

A false answer Bieber says, “Fod * up you. Fod * is Scooter. Fod * m sure all of you I AM I!’ll not hear it with my money, honey! Are you only famous for my cause. “

Not surprisingly, all posts are false, and were allegedly manufactured by a former friend of the singer who has turned against him.

As the  Gossip Cop previously reported, Bieber’s cell phone was confiscated by police on Tuesday during the massive search at his home in Los Angeles.

Remember that the rumors that Justin was going to rehab emerged from this same ‘friend’ and is also a false story.