‘I Feel Like People Like To Attack him’: Kylie Jenner, Defending Justin Bieber

kylie jenner defend justin bieber

Kylie Jenner was interviewed and during the chat, Kylie was asked about his opinion on the latest events involving Justin Bieber . Kylie has proven to be an admirer of Justin and his work and did not hesitate to defend the friend of judgments that the controversies involving the Canadian have caused in the media and among other celebrities.

Kylie Jenner is among the famous faces who are coming to the defense of Justin Bieber.The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashian was honest with the reporter from E!, Ken Baker to talk about the recent police raid on the home of the pop star in Calabasas, Calif., where authorities raided the mansion Bieber on Tuesday January 14, looking for evidence linking the singer (or your friends) to egg throwing incident, which occurred last week.

Kylie further clarified his feelings about the controversy, admitting she feels empathy for your friend.

“I feel strong. Just because I know that when we are in such a position. I feel that people feel they have the opportunity to sort search mess with you just because of his status.”

“So I do not know, I feel it. Why are you invading his home to look for eggs? Yeah, I feel like people like to attack it,”  admitted the star.